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Let me begin by expressing my gratitude:

I find so much purpose and fulfillment in my work. What I do would not be possible without all of you. From the bottom of my heart- Thank You.

Thank you for the trust, the admiration, the courage and determination, thank you. To be able to make a living doing something that feeds your soul is a rare and precious thing. 

In this scheduling FAQ I will tell you how I go about booking appointments. I am very passionate about tattoos and everything they can potentially bring into the lives of the wearer. I am an artist first and foremost. You'll probably notice throughout this process that I tend to do things quite a bit differently than most other tattooers. Not everyone will appreciate my approach to it and that's okay. I have these guidelines and boundaries in place to ensure that my workload is manageable, inspired, fulfilling, and balanced. I have found after many years in tattooing that this is the sweet-spot where I am happiest and doing my best work.



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