Let me begin my expressing my gratitude:

I find so much purpose and fulfillment in my work. What I do would not be possible without all of you. From the bottom of my heart- Thank You. For the trust, the admiration, the courage and determination, thank you. To be able to make a living doing something that feeds your soul is a rare and precious thing. 

In this scheduling FAQ I will tell you how I go about booking appointments. I am very passionate about tattoos and everything they can potentially bring into the lives of the wearer. I am an artist first and foremost. You'll probably notice throughout this process that I tend to do things quite a bit differently than most other tattooers. Not everyone will appreciate my approach to it and that's okay. I have these guidelines and boundaries in place to ensure that my workload is manageable, inspired, fulfilling, and balanced. I have found after my 10 years in tattooing that this is the sweet-spot where I am happiest and doing my best work.


Frequently Asked Questions

How can I book an appointment or consultation with you?

Everything is booked thru the website. After you read thru this FAQ, there's a form for you to fill out about your potential tattoo idea. If I accept your tattoo submission, you'll be receiving a link to book a date for a consultation or to start the tattoo. I typically book one month at a time- I open my book the 25th of every month to schedule out the following month. I do this to allow for last minute schedule changes/travel and short wait times for chosen projects. If your tattoo gets picked up you will have an appointment scheduled within a 4 week window. Due to continuing project appointments, I usually only have a handful of open spots to start new projects. Set an alarm in your phone to complete the appointment request on the 25th because once the available slots are filled, I will not accept any other appointments until the next month. I am very selective as to what projects I pick up so be sure and read on to see what I look for! Selected projects that need a consultation prior to booking will be provided a link to set up an appointment for a Zoom online 30 minute consultation.

When can I expect a reply to my project inquiry?

Please allow 10 days for a response to your inquiry. I personally comb thru every tattoo idea in my inbox on my free time so your understanding and patience in this area is greatly appreciated.

If I submit a form, does that mean I'm guaranteed an appointment?

Completion of the form does not guarantee an appointment. Due to the volume of interested potential clients and my limited availability, I physically can not take on every request that comes to me. I have to turn down many projects every month. It's nothing personal and it doesn't mean that your tattoo idea is bad or wouldn't be perfect for another artist. I will let you know within that 10 day window if I am interested and ready to book your tattoo or if the specific project just isn't right for me. If the tattoo could potentially be a great fit but there are details hindering that (i.e. budget isn't realistic, the style preference isn't a good idea, etc.) I try to reply with those specifics so you can reconsider your limitations and potentially follow-thru with the tattoo.

What do you look for when choosing projects to take on?

1. A clear, well-thought-out concept (do your research and have a solid idea of what you want and where you want to put it). I love references (photos of art, other tattoos, any imagery you want to draw inspiration from). Feel free to send them over!
2. Flexibility- I don't replicate tattoos you find on the internet. Everything I do is custom with the exception of the recognizable stuff- fine art/pop culture/portrait work. 3. Realistic budget- I work at 150/hour. Tattoo application is a process and requires time and attention to detail. Some tattoos take more time than others. For example: realism is more time-consuming than the stylized illustrative or american traditional stuff, color is more time-consuming than black and grey.

How much will my tattoo cost?

I charge $150 per hour or I have an all-day rate of $875 for a 7 hour window (including preparation) & a half-day rate of $450 for a 3.5 hour window (including preparation). Unfortunately I can't really price quote tattoos, especially the larger projects. There are too many factors that go in to each specific piece that effect the time it takes to complete. For example- some half sleeves take 8 hours to complete, some take 20+. The best way to go about the budget question is to provide a figure that you're comfortable investing into the piece at this time. I will say that I would recommend breaking the tattoo up into sessions if what you want isn't financially feasible at the moment. I wouldn't want you to settle for something that is smaller or simpler than what you really desire and then regret it down the line. Good tattoos take time, the more time spent the better the outcome. Something that is on you for the rest of your life is worth the investment.

Do you do cover-ups or fix other artist's work?

I decide this on a case by case basis. If you are inquiring about a coverup or rework, please be sure to send quality, well-lit photos of the existing tattoo (preferably taken by someone else, no mirror photos). The general rule of thumb for a cover-up is that the new tattoo needs to be 2-3 times larger than the old tattoo and almost always needs to be in color. Coverups also usually require another saturation session for the best outcome.

What do you enjoy tattooing the most?

There are some things at this point in my career that i just love doing and these things will always get my attention and consideration-
flowers & plants, girlfaces, portraits, animals, mandalas, ornamental work, gemstones/crystals, tokens/good luck charms, simple handpoke designs, japanese imagery, kawaii, american traditional, etc.

Is there anything you wont tattoo?

Hate imagery, anything depicting animal cruelty, rebel flags, gang symbols, racial/religious/sexual discriminative imagery, or any potential tattoo that is a bad idea. For example: *tattooing the sides of fingers, palms, sole of your foot (bottom & sides) (google healed finger tattoos, they generally have a hard time staying and a hard time aging)
*any highly visible place (hands, neck, face) unless you're already heavily tattooed
*subtle watercolor or subtle color realism tattoos (works best on fair skin tones, needs black/contrast to age well, requires resaturation sessions over the years, requires commitment to sunblock anytime you're in the sun to help keep it looking good and saturated)
*white ink tattoos

Where are you located and what are your hours?

I work out of Bluebird Ink in Louisville KY. I'm available to tattoo 10am-7pm EST Tuesday thru Friday. The studio is private therefore I do not do any consulting at the shop, EVERYTHING is booked thru my website. When I am at the shop I am usually with another client and they have my time and attention 100%. Consultations can be booked thru a provided link for accepted submissions.

Can I see the design for my tattoo prior to the appointment?

Unfortunately I don't design tattoos until the night before/morning of your appointment. This is just how I work the best. Any last minute changes you may have to your idea should be sent asap, as doing considerable design manipulation isn't ideal during your appointment and will more than likely result in a reschedule. I generally book my studio time pretty tightly and I wont push another appointment back to accomodate in this case. Please notify me promptly if you wish to make changes to your tattoo that weren't previously discussed.

Do you require a deposit?

Yes, I require a $100 non-refundable deposit for new projects. This comes off the cost of your tattoo on the last session. If i pick up your tattoo, I will send you my paypal or venmo information to submit the deposit. If you need to reschedule, I require a 24hour notice otherwise the deposit is forfeited and you have to start the booking process all over again. There are no exceptions. To cancel/reschedule you'll need to use the link in your appointment confirmation email.