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If you're here, you are a new potential client who is seeking to consult with me about your tattoo idea. Let me just share a little insight and set my intention with this service that I'm offering:


Once I got to the point in my career where I had a lot more clients interested in hiring me than I could ever even dream of tattooing (demand>supply) I started implementing a "Tattoo Request" form. I have people fill it out within a certain time window and then I close it and go through the requests, picking out some of the ones that stand out to me artistically and seem like a good fit. The issue I keep running into is that I typically have hundreds of inquiries and only a handful of openings (if that) per booking cycle. 


  • Yes, this offers me the luxury of hand-picking my dream clients.

  • Yes, it allows me to create the boundary where I get to see the client's personality and their approach to "pitching" their tattoo concept before I ever interact with them.

  • Yes, it has been a great way to protect my mental health and to preserve my precious free time so I can spend it with my loved ones or doing all the other things in life that create healthy balance.


But for as many positive benefits that I experience in having this process in place, I still kind of dread it. I've talked to many people about how much I hate letting so many people down. I usually get the "what a good problem to have!" response and yes, that's true... it really is a good problem to have! But- I am human and I can put myself in others' shoes and feel how much of a let-down it can be for clients to be so excited to find someone they feel so confident in to bring their tattoo to reality and then be told "sorry, I am not the artist for you" or worse- not hear anything at all. I have admittedly struggled with giving those definite answers to people because I can only imagine the let-down a person feels when they feel like they have to start over and find another artist to go through the process with. Rejection isn't a fun thing for anyone. The thing is- it's not personal. It's not a reflection of the proposed idea. It's like the other big decisions in life- not every person you date will be marriage material, not every house you see is going to be the one you want to raise your family in, not every doctor will be the best one to treat you after a scary diagnosis. It's nothing personal, some decisions we have to make are very meaningful and important and unique to each individual.

Just to be clear- I'm not trying to inflate the importance of a tattoo to any of those degrees but you get the idea- a tattoo is on you forever and it should be an adequate reflection of you and your values. It's important. 

I want to feel as excited as you are about the tattoo. I want to feel like we are aligned and that I know that what I have in my head is going to %100 exceed your expectations and make you incredibly proud to rock that shit. I want the chance to hone in on my favorite styles and subjects and be able to push myself in the artistic direction I'm most passionate about. I want your tattoo to evoke positive energy when you see it or when someone else admires it. I absolutely love when I get clients like this. It fills my cup! It is the reason I continue to do what I do and creatively push myself and grow in every aspect I possibly can. I want to be able to give each and every client the best tattoo I can, plain and simple.

What about the clients that aren't chosen right out of the gate? After all these years of working with people, I have come to realize something- Many clients have the groundwork for great ideas or honestly would be dream clients but they don't know exactly what to say to convey their idea, or they just don't think they are "creative enough". Most of these people just really want a cool tattoo but they don't know how to talk to the artist to covey their openness to direction or they have a solid idea but a few little things that might not work the way they imagine it and just need to be educated on the limitations. (Let's face it- pictures of fresh or photoshopped tattoos that get a lot of attention can be very misleading for the majority of people viewing them and lead these people to have unrealistic expectations of what is possible. But you don't really know this stuff unless you are active in the tattoo community and witness this kind of thing getting called out.) Many potential clients get passed over because when the demand is so high and supply is low, there's just no way to get to everyone and the ones that are already educated and clear on what they want and they know they are aligned with their chosen artist will get those spots first.


Why am I telling you all of this? 


I have decided that I would like to offer a service where I can help clients who just want an artist to bounce their ideas off of and develop their concept further to make it into a tattoo proposal that they feel confident in. Where you can ask questions and get no bull-shit answers from someone who has a lot of experience and genuinely cares. 


The consultation is 45 minutes long and costs $50. I decided to charge for this service because I think that if you have skin in the game you are ready to take this serious and you know that I take this serious too. I may have a heavy load of tattoo projects but I want to be able to help people who maybe I don't tattoo, but at least they are being given a hand-up in this crazy tattoo world where it almost seems impossible to get an appointment with an established artist. And sometimes that's all I need to uncover a potential dream client who I end up working with.


So if I haven't lost you yet and you're interested in consulting with me, here's what to expect.

During this meeting, we will talk about the intention of the piece, what it means to you, any elements you are wanting to include, and the style/placement. 

I will use this time to:

  • Dig in deep and help evolve your idea into something solid that you will feel confident about 

  • Inspire you to think about new ways to visually represent the meaning you want to achieve that would make the tattoo more personal or unique to you

  • Discuss any potential issues or flags that I pick up on from a tattooers perspective and explain the reasoning behind them

  • Answer any questions you may have about placement or styles so you are making informed decisions about the tattoo and it's long-term aging outlook

  • In the event that we aren't stylistically or artistically compatible, I can help find an artist that would be better artistically suited for your particular project​

If we reach the end of the consultation and we have concluded that I might not be the best fit for your tattoo, I will have a digital document that includes all my notes from our meeting that I will send to you so you can continue to develop your idea and use that information to reach out to the next prospective artist with a clear and well-thought out project inquiry that you can be confident in submitting. 

If this sounds like something you would find value in, click the link below!

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